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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Family Fun: Snow Painting

#1 Family Fun Activity- Snow Painting
Empty Spray bottles
Food coloring
Step 1: Fill your spray bottles about halfway full of water add a few drops of food coloring.
Step 2: Shake bottle up and spray on the snow.

You can make a green snow dinosaur or colorful snow castles.

#2 Family Fun Activity- Watercolor butterflies
Coffee Filters
Pipe Cleaners - cut in half
Spray Bottles full of colored water from above.

Step 1: Flatten out the coffee filter on a newspaper or cardboard and spray it with colored water. Carefully move the wet filter to a dry spot. Let it dry.
Step 2: When the decorated filter is dry, pinch it together in the middle.
Step 3: Fold your pipe cleaner in half and then put it around the pinched part of the coffee filter.
Step 4: Twist the 2 pipe cleaner ends together. Bend the ends to form antennae.

Make bunches of butterflies and hang them from the ceiling or decorate your Christmas tree.

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