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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Make an owl valentine

Assembly: Glue a large heart to the square of construction paper for the body and the folded heart for the head. Draw on eyes. Glue on the feet and beak. Leave room to sign the bottom of your valentine, unless you prefer to sign the back. Some Valentine sayings could be "Owl always be yours." or "Whooo will be my Valentine."  
Supplies: two colors of construction paper, scissors and glue.
Prep: Cut 2 large hearts from construction paper for the background. To make the head, simple fold one large heart in half. Cut out three smaller hearts for the feet and beak.

Tootsie Pop Valentine:
Supplies: Construction paper, Tootsie pops, and markers.
Prep: Cut out hearts or flower shapes. Draw on bugs or butterflies on the shapes.
Assembly: Push Tootsie Pop through the center of the shape to create the middle of the flower Valentine.

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