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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fair Trade Gourd Bird House from Peru

In the Andean mountains of Peru, in a tiny village of 50 families, fine gourd carving has been practiced for over 4000 years. Carvers served their communities by recording Andean celebrations, oral tradition, rituals, myths, and weddings.

Today Lucuma Designs works with talented, self-taught artists in family workshops. The techniques they practice have been redefined into creative gourd birdhouses for the modern day world. Wild Birds Unlimited has a nice selection of these wren bird houses made from gourds with original designs.

The artists live mostly from their craft but are also able to take care of their small farms, raise livestock, and grow some crops. Lucuma Designs makes sure that all products were made by artists who enjoy their work and are compensated fairly. Women artists are able to work from home while earning an income for their family. In a country with more than 50% unemployment, Lucuma helps instill in these artists a sense of independence and self worth.

When you purchase a gourd birdhouse at Wild Birds Unlimited, you are purchasing a handcrafted, unique gift, and also showing your support for fair trade.

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