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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rock Pigeon

A surprisingly large variety of birds visit us at our shop in East Lansing. Our latest visitor was a Rock Pigeon stuck in our walkway for two days. The walkway has a clear roof and he tried to fly through that roof over and over. In between trys he would watch the House Sparrows zip up, eat bugs flying around up there, and then watch them zip down and out.

I just kept wondering if pigeons live under bridges because they fly in and get stuck? Luckily its been cool. I shot him some water and I threw him a little seed block too.

We've had hummingbirds, and warblers up there too at different times and we were able to get them down with a net, but pigeons are huge! Eventually he managed to escape on his own and didn't return.

Rock Pigeon Columba livia
Order: COLUMBIFORMES Family: Pigeons and Doves (Columbidae)
Rock Pigeons are a large, highly variably colored dove also called the Domestic Pigeon, Homing Pigeon, or Rock Dove. Native to Eurasia, it was introduced to North America by early settlers. Now the Rock Pigeon is a year-round resident seen in the city area, in parks, and in some backyards. They are ground feeders and will feed from bird feeders if possible.

Parent birds feed the young regurgitated liquid known as crop-milk for the first few days of life just like the Mourning Dove. A group of pigeons has many collective nouns, including a "band", "dropping", "loft", "passel" and "school" of pigeons.

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