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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Have you tried the Sparrow Spooker?

I have a box of Blue Bird nestlings and the House Sparrows are mobbing them. I have had a nest of babies pecked to death previously. The House Sparrows are currently harassing the adult bluebirds. What should I do?

Have you heard about the sparrow spooker? I've had a lot of positive feedback from customers telling me it kept the determined sparrows away from their bluebird, chickadee, and wren houses.

Basically once the birds are committed to a nesting site you hang shiny flutter ribbon above the birdhouse (you can find this "scare tape" at our stores). Studies have shown that certain bird species, including house sparrows, will not fly under the ribbon. Our sister Wild Birds Unlimited store in Middle Tennessee talked about their experience with a sparrow spooker. Click HERE to read their beautiful blog.

Or for more detailed plans to make your own sparrow spooker, click HERE to visit the very informative Sialis.org website.

Sialis- http://www.sialis.org/sparrowspooker.htm May all your blues be birds!

Our Wild Birds- http://ourwildbirds.blogspot.com/2009/06/sparrow-spooker.html

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Dawn Fine said...

Thanks! and thanks for posting the link on my post about house sparrows!