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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Why did I take a picture of bird poop?

I’m not sure if you can appreciate how much this moth looked like a wet bird dropping on the window, but he almost got Windexed. I noticed its fuzzy feet just before I sprayed the cleaner.

A little research on the internet under “bird poop moth” revealed its name to be, if you can believe it, Pearly Wood-Nymph. At first I thought such a beautiful name for something that looks disgusting was wrong. But once you think about it, the moth is actually a natural wonder. With its wings tight together it is beautifully grotesque.

Birds are the main predators for moths and butterflies. For defense they can either flash warning colors or hide. The Monarch butterfly alerts birds about its yucky taste through its bright orange and black pattern. The Pearly Wood-Nymph uses camouflage, and because birds don't eat bird droppings, these moths enjoy some protection with their 'disguise'.

However, as much as I appreciated its design, I did hurry it off the Wild Birds Unlimited East Lansing storefront window and into the flowers.

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