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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I may look like Olive Oyl but I feel like Pop-eye.

Tuesdays are my busy days. We usually have a few tons of seed delivered to our East Lansing every week. I just finished unloading 3 tons of the best and freshest seed around! No-Mess blend is by far the most popular blend we sell. Half of the pallets were of 20# and 40# bags of No-Mess. It was a good day. Only one bag wasn’t fully heat sealed and exploded all over. No worries though. My good friend Chippy came over to the front sidewalk to vacuum up the fall out.

It took longer to bring it all in today because I had to unload 2 tons of the best designed bird feeding poles systems too. Our exclusive, patented Advanced Pole System® (APS) is pretty unique and super sturdy. There are several individual pieces to mix and match to build an ultimate bird feeding station to meet your own individual needs. If you want to get yours in the ground you better hurry before it freezes. There are a lot of pieces you can mount on the deck too.

I’m afraid I was in a little bit of a manic mode and also rearranged the East Lansing store so when you come in don’t panic. If you can’t find something I’m sure I can remember where I moved it.

It was very busy today. Everyone came in to buy the roosting pockets and I completely sold out! People were telling me that they’ll make perfect gifts. I ordered more and they’ll be here by Friday along with a lot of other supplies like heated birdbaths. Do you have yours out yet?

I saw my first Junco today. Cold weather’s a comin’. Are you ready?

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