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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ultimate Bluebird House

Serious birders will appreciate the special features of this ULTIMATE Bluebird House!

It's has all the great features of our Wild Birds Unlimited basic bluebird box and then some. One side opens for easy clean out, of course, but the right side has a clear plastic window inside the wood door, so you can peak in to see the nest without disturbing the inhabitants.

This cedar house is built right and tight, and has a generous-sized roof to offer more protection from the elements. It not only has a predator guard to keep racoons and squirrel from reaching in to raid a nest, that guard is lined with copper to prevent critters from chewing the hole larger. The inside of the bluebird house is also grooved for helping the fledgelings leave the nest. Brass hinges and zinc chromate screws seal the deal to make this the ultimate bluebird house.

House Dimensions: 14.5" x 9" x 6.5"
Hole Diameter: 1.5"
• All cedar construction
• Opens from both sides
• Plexiglas partition for viewing
• Reinforced predator guard with copper inset
• Grooved, Inside front panel for fledglings
• Extra large overhanging roof
• Ventilation and drainage
• Appropriate for bluebird, wren, black-capped chickadee, tufted titmouse, white breasted nuthatch, & tree swallow
• Outside coated with wood protector
• Hand crafted in Yes! Michigan

Stovall products promote environmentally green practices by using hand sorted discarded cedar pieces. The Shop is heated with scrap wood, cooled with natural shade, nestled in a glen of 25+ acres of beech/maple/oak forest in Michigan. Rumored staffing of woodland gnomes with a payroll of nuts and berries is still not verified.
Wild Birds Unlimited has the best selection of functional bird houses around. More houses are coming in every day now that there is only 6 weeks until spring! Click HERE to see another great house I featured on the blog or come in our stores to see the wide selection available.

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