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Friday, March 19, 2010

Everyone Eats in My World

Gary Fortcher: Guest Blogger from WBU Oakdale, NY

There is a Pigeon population around our center. Pigeons and sparrows. That's all I have (not to mention the Long Island bird - the seagull).
And I feed them with a small hopper feeder just to draw attention to the store. No one has complained so far. I tell people I'm just trying to help them out by keeping the pigeons away from their house.

They recognize me. When I pull up in the morning they start doing their "feed me" dance. It's quite funny. When the feeder is empty they all swarm me (they fly directly at me and then around me like a living tornado) whenever I walk out the door.

Customers get a kick out of it. And no, I have never been pooped upon yet. Today, a pigeon walked right into the store as we were bringing our seed delivery in. Looking for the mother lode. Reminded me of the utube video of the seagull that was stealing small bags of potato chips off the rack.

My solution to keeping birds off the roof is - feed them. Everyone eats in my world.
Gary Fortcher
Wild Birds Unlimited
911 Montauk Highway
Oakdale, NY 11769

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Jay said...

Nice blog full of good advice and stories.