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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Home is Where the Nest Is: Bird House Basics

It is entertaining and educational to watch birds as they go through the many stages of their lives, including choosing a nest site, making the nest, laying eggs, feeding their hatchlings, and then, watching the fledglings as they venture out on their own.

Many people are choosing to bring this experience up close by placing nesting boxes around their backyards to house some of the many birds that would normally be looking for a hollow tree cavity.

It’s important to put houses up early to allow birds to find suitable nesting spots. There are many different styles of nesting boxes available, including those that are decorative and bird-specific. Wild Birds Unlimited recommends that before purchasing a nesting box, you should be sure that it meets these six requirements:

1) Designed for the species, according to bird’s size and nesting requirements.
2) Ventilation holes to provide a release for heat build-up.
3) Easily cleaned.
4) Easily mounted or hung.
5) Durable to withstand several seasons of use.
6) Drainage holes in the bottom of the house.

Of course not all birds use nest boxes and you can encourage other birds to nest in your yard by providing nesting material and an attractive habitat.

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