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Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Dinner Bell is Calling All Birds

One of the most popular feeders in my yard is the WBU Dinner Bell. You can invite a variety of birds to a delicious meal with this versatile feeder. It can be filled with seed, suet snacks, seed cylinders, fruit or mealworms.
The Dinner Bell's dome raises and lowers, allowing you to feed only the birds you want. The dome also provides protection from bad weather. It's made in the USA, easy to fill and clean and comes with a lifetime guarantee.
Wild Birds Unlimited Products
Birdfeeding is more than a hobby; it’s a way to connect with the outdoors and help the natural environment around you. Birds are essential to a healthy eco-system, and birds’ population growth, decline and migration are key indicators of nature’s balance.
Knowing this, Wild Birds Unlimited is dedicated to offering the best bird supplies including bird seed, bird feeders, and hobby accessories. Although the birds are the main attraction, we wanted our feeders to be pleasing to the eye and the highest quality.
Visit your local Wild Birds Unlimited Store to see and learn more about the best bird feeding products.

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bird mister said...

Looks like a great feeder that any bird would enjoy eating out of.