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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Don't Forget The Water: Tips to Maintain a Birdbath

I'm sure it's going to get warm sometime soon and that's when you pull out the misters.

In nature, hummingbirds prefer fine sprays of water in order to clean their feathers. Providing water in a shallow bird bath or through a mister or dripper, available at Wild Birds Unlimited, will help to attract hummers — and other birds too.

They help birds keep their feathers in top condition by providing a water source for washing and preening. Our Mini-Mister™ attaches easily to any garden hose to produce a fine water spray. Place it near vines or bushes so birds, such as hummingbirds, can flutter against the wet leaves for a refreshing bath or a much needed drink.

Wild Birds Unlimited also has good brushes well suited for cleaning birdbaths, as well as for many other household uses. Stiff, tough polypropylene bristles do the job well, and features a comfortable molded poly handle.

And if you have an ongoing problem with staining, mineral deposits or organic build up in your birdbath make sure to try Healthy Ponds Birdbath Cleaner. Its patented all-natural beneficial bacteria and enzymes is safe for birds and animals and keeps your bath clear for 30 days.

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