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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Help! My Bluebirds Left

Bluebird had been coming to eat (mealworms) I was gone for a couple of days and after returning I began putting the worms out again, but haven't seen a bluebird since. The Eastern Towhee and Carolina Wren, also mocking birds have been trying to get to the worms, but I have chased them away whenever I see them. I try to put the worms out at certain times that I have seen them previously and watch very carefully---But no Bluebirds. Could it be because the eggs have hatched and 'I am too far away from nest??? I have no idea where nest is. Chickadees built before Bluebirds got a chance. Help. ~Rose
There may be several reasons the bluebirds didn't come right back. Your theory about them being new parents is possible.

Bluebirds know instinctively that mealworms are too big for newly hatched babies. They start their young out on tiny bugs like small larvae and spiders. As the chicks grow, so does their appetite and they can begin to feed on mealworms at about six days old.

The birds also may have found a more reliable source of food. I think you just have to be patient and try to re-establish a routine. I'm sure they'll come back. Try to put a spoonful of mealworms out every morning or evening at the same time and whistle a call to alert the bluebirds they are being served.

To keep the other birds away from your mealworms, try the enclosed bluebird feeders like we sell at our Wild Birds Unlimited stores that exclude larger birds.
Good luck!

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