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Thursday, May 20, 2010

There are Ducks Nesting in My Tree!

Hello, I have a large old maple in front of my apartment. I have seen a duck enter what must be a hollow about 10 feet above street level. I found it is a wood duck. Now I’m wondering how these little lives will climb out of this nest? The ground is all cement, and the street is very busy is on the south of tree. How will they make it to the river? What are your thoughts if any? I saw your film on the wood box nest. Thank you for your time, Sandy

I appreciate that you are concerned for the baby birds but wood ducks are perching ducks that always make their nests in tree cavities or nest boxes high off the ground.

They are typically found in wooded areas with swamps, ponds or smaller lakes nearby. The mating period is usually between February and April depending on where you live. The female normally lays 9 to 12 ivory colored eggs and the incubation period is around 30 days with the young climbing out of the nest usually within 24 hours of hatching.

Nesting locations can be quite high but the young are rarely injured as they fall to the ground. Later the young begin to fly at 8 to 10 weeks of age.

A lot of ducks and geese will nest close to humans because they feel protected. The video below shows a mallard duck that nested 10 feet above the sidewalk in the middle of the city and how one man helped them survive.

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