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Monday, May 3, 2010

Will Suet Melt in the Summer Sun?

It’s getting warm fast. Do we stop feeding suet? Lori ~Novi, MI
My brother asked me the other day why I ordered so much suet and I told him because we are selling so much suet. Customers are buying cases and storing them in the freezer.
Besides the usual woodpeckers, nuthatches, titmice and chickadees, you may attract orioles, wrens, warblers and more with suet during the spring and summer.
Lots of birds need that high energy food during migration, nesting and raising young. And the reason I feed suet in the summer is to watch as harried parent birds bring their babies up close and try to convince them to feed themselves.
Suet cakes commercially prepared are safe for year round feeding. If your feeder is hung out in the sun use suet dough with a higher melting point or seed cakes available at Wild Birds Unlimited.
I have lots more on order! I'm trying to keep enough in stock. Thanks for the good question.

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