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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Are Bluebirds Attracted to Blue?

I have a question... We have eastern blue birds that love to perch on the blue plastic on our trampoline. What gives?

Bluebirds may be attracted to the colors of their species but it's more likely that it’s a good place to hunt. A bluebirds' diet is made up primarily of bugs, usually spied from a perch. It’s characteristic behavior of bluebirds to fly down, catch prey and then return to their perch to eat. Do you have a lot of bugs in that area; maybe not with the bluebird on patrol?

If you don’t have a trampoline in your yard you can also place a couple 4 foot wooden stakes or “hunting perches” in your bluebird habitat. Bluebirds, as well as other birds, welcome a low perch to hunt insects on the ground. You may also notice bluebirds taking advantage of fence posts or garden statues.

Along with bugs, Eastern Bluebirds eat fruit from flowering dogwood, holly, mulberry, wild grape, Virginia creeper, pokeweed and Viburnum. If any of these plants are nearby, hungry bluebirds might stay close.

It’s hard to understand why birds do a lot of things. He may be attracted to the color, bugs, plants or if they are nesting close by, the bird may find the trampoline the perfect spot to patrol his territory. Whatever the reason, it’s a good observation. If anyone else has a different theory let us know in the comments below.

More information on the management of bluebirds can be found at the Michigan DNR: http://ning.it/b8Pg9Q

1 comment:

grampa brian said...

Perhaps the blue bird sees the background color of blue as a good disguise against possible predators spotting it from higher up??