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Friday, June 18, 2010

Christopher Robin's Bob-bob-bobbin' Along!

For those of you worried about Deb's baby robin, she sent us an update. Or click HERE for the original story.
Raising a baby bird is no small feat ... It's time-consuming, messy and nerve-wracking. I don't know how birds can have so many babies in a season and still manage to find time to preen their feathers!
This past week, while tending to Christopher Robin, the laundry has gone undone, we've become sleep-deprived, and often find ourselves hurrying home from running errands just so we could be back in time to "feed the baby".
Pippin Starling, Kiwi Senegal and our two (until now) spoiled pooches have become more than a little jealous, and my husband gets less to eat than Robin (unless he wants to make it himself). My most comfortable white shorts and favorite T-shirt are now permanently stained with blueberry-colored poop and there are countless cups sitting on the kitchen counter with various blends of "baby food" in them.
Today, for the first time, Robin ate TWO WHOLE (albeit small) earthworms for breakfast! That's definitely a step in the right direction ... OUT THE DOOR. I made sure he/she got a good, long look at them before swallowing. I intend to take him/her on my next earthworm excavating excursion. Maybe instinct just kicks in when they get out on their own, but a little instruction couldn't hurt.

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