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Monday, June 14, 2010

How to Care for a Baby Robin

Sarah ~ an owl killed  this baby's siblings and mother. My owls do this regularly, so I don't understand why robins continue to build nests in the neighborhood! Anyway, this baby was lying in the road (maybe the owl dropped it). He/she is growing amazingly quickly, as baby birds will. ~ Deb

Records show that only 25% of young Robins survive their first year.
To protect its young, adult robins give alarm calls and dive-bomb predators that come near the young birds. And fledglings are able to fly short distances after leaving the nest and hide in bushes for protection.

Another thing, judging by the number of calls we receive each spring, unofficially some robins use humans as a form of protection. They like to nest in inappropriate places close to people in hopes that we'll scare away potential predators. And in this case one lucky, little guy found its way into your caring hands.

If you find a baby bird and don’t know what do, CALL FOR ADVICE! The best course may be no interference. The following is a small list of the local rehabilitators:
  • East Lansing, MI ♦ 517.351.7304 ♦ Cheryl Connell-Marsh ♦ birds and small animals
  • Lansing, MI ♦ 517-646-9374 ♦ Tiffany Rich ♦ white tailed deer, squirrels, raccoons; Vet. Tech. on center.
  • DeWitt, MI ♦ 517.930-0087 ♦ Wildside Rehab & Education Center ♦ birds and small animals
  • Eaton Rapids, MI ♦ 517-663-6153 ♦ Wildside Rehab & Education Center ♦ birds and small animals
  • Holt, MI ♦ 517-694-9618 ♦ Carolyn Tropp cctropp@aol.com ♦ Waterfowl, small birds and mammals
  • Howell, MI ♦ 517-548-5530 ♦ Howell Conference and Nature Center ♦ All wild animals except bats, skunks, starlings, raccoons, pigeons, or house sparrows.
  • Bath, MI ♦ 517-819-0170 (day) 517-641-6314 (evening) ♦ Denise Slocum ♦ Small mammals

    For a complete list of Michigan Licensed Rehabilitators visit the Michigan Department of Natural Resources at: http://www.michigandnr.com/dlr/
Or to search for a local wildlife rehabilitation group: http://www.wildliferehabber.org/

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