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Monday, June 28, 2010

Should I Move My Birdhouse?

Hi, I have a birdhouse with 3 baby wrens in it. They are just about ready to bust out and go with their parents. My problem is, the house is right over the porch where my cats lay all day. Is it possible to move the house about 40-50 ft off to the side of the house where they could have more privacy for the leaving of the nest? This is stressing me out! Thanks, Kellie

I would leave the nest alone. About two weeks after hatching, the fledgling wrens leave the nest and don’t return. They usually fly straight and fast out of the entrance into nearby trees or bushes.

One day you’ll see the parents stuffing hungry mouths with juicy caterpillars and the next day the nest will be empty. So don’t stress and enjoy the show while it lasts or bring your cats indoors.

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