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Monday, July 12, 2010

Unique Bird Feeders

Some people may call it lazy, but I call it conserving energy: My experience with the Seed Cylinder Feeder.

I’ve been feeding birds for decades and after I started using my mesh finch feeder and the Squirrel Buster Plus and No-Mess seed, I thought there was no new feeder or seed that could make me happier. I was so satisfied with my bird feeding set up I wasn’t even tempted to try other feeders (well maybe just a little tempted, I work at a bird feeding store after all).

But customers would keep coming in raving about the seed cylinder feeders. So after about the millionth time a customer came in to tell me it's one of the easiest feeders to maintain and attracts a wide variety of birds, I finally broke down and bought a seed cylinder feeder.

I chose the WBU Dinner Bell feeder because if the seed cylinder didn’t work in my yard I could still use the feeder in a different way. It's also made in the USA and has a lifetime guarantee.

I slipped a fresh cylinder packed with pecans, sunflower chips and cranberries on the feeder and hung it where the squirrels couldn’t reach it and waited. It looked good. It kind of reminded me of the pecan log rolls my neighbor gives me every Christmas. Yummy!

Word went out fast. The birds thought it looked good too; no question about that. Cardinals, chickadees, wrens, nuthatches, woodpeckers, finches, jays, grosbeaks and even a pair of titmice came to feast on this delicacy. I was sure it would be gone by the time I got home the next day.

But it wasn't. And it was still there the next week. And the next. Every night I sat in a chair with a cat on my lap watching the birds dine at the seemingly bottomless seed cylinder.

That was four weeks ago, and there’s still a ring of seed remaining. Depending on the bird activity in your area, a seed cylinder can last for weeks. Why didn’t I listen to myself years ago when I told everyone what a great feeder this was!

Cleaning the feeder is super fast and easy and I don’t have to refill the feeder every day. Not that I'm lazy but bird watching is supposed to be a relaxing hobby and this feeder really lets me relax. I'm sold on these seed cylinders.

There are lots of flavors to choose from to attract a wide variety of birds, and they're very versatile. Each cylinder comes with a mesh bag which can be hung from a tree limb, or can be placed on the variety of feeders at Wild Birds Unlimited. Now I can have weeks of enjoyment with very little effort. If you don't believe me check out my video evidence.


Vetsy said...

" Oh what fun.. It certainly attracts all the wild birds I like! and the birds are all in harmony with one another as they feed.

I'm going to put the WBU Dinner Bell feeder on my list.

#FeedtheBirds said...

Yes, you're right! Once they start working away at that seed cylinder, they don't notice anything else.