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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Do You Take Your Cats Home at Night?

Everybody is always so worried about my babies at the East Lansing, MI Wild Birds Unlimited store. The cats don't go home with me at night because the store is their home. I'm with them about 10 hours a day every day and they are so exhausted by closing time that they are glad to have the lights out and get some much needed rest.

Do they catch mice in the store?We've never had mice in the store. My boys (J.B. and Eli) wouldn't know what to do if they saw a mouse. Dolly on the other hand, came into the store with fierce hunting skills that have disappeared gradually. Now that she has relaxed and knows a bowl of food and water will always be available she hardly even plays with her pet rock anymore.
Do they do a lot of damage in the store?
I'm afraid I do more damage than the cats. Dolly likes to pick up the occasional price sticker on her tail and J.B. likes to push the "no tax" button on the cash register but that's about it. Now that Dolly is with us, Eli has pretty much given her the "Greeter Duty" and likes to flake out in the back office more and more.

I want to thank everyone for their concern and also for the occasional cat gifts. My babies are only a little spoiled and much loved.

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