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Thursday, August 19, 2010

I Have Baby Goldfinches!: The Best Finch Feeder Ever

I come home after a long day and heard baby goldfinches. My Wild Birds Unlimited mesh finch feeder attracts so many goldfinches! Click HERE to read more about my favorite finch feeder and how to attract more finches to your yard.

Obviously if you watch my video below, you'll see I’m very quiet and that's because I’m listening for the cheeps of the baby goldfinches.

The babies are just starting to come to my feeders and their happy calls remind me of a squeaky dog toy. "♪ High, low...♪ high, low, low." They have very clean olive colored feathers similar to a female or a goldfinch in the winter.

At the Wild Birds Unlimited store in East Lansing, I also see adult goldfinches eating from my sunflower plants as some fledglings watch from a nearby apple tree.

I know that they'll soon have it all figured out including a grown up song and I'll miss their little "Ma me...Da de de" in the morning.


Anonymous said...

You don't need to take an expensive vacation to see wonderful things. Thanks for making us more aware of the beauty that is about us all the time when you become aware like you.

Vetsy said...

Love the photos.. how cute!

I just love Goldfinches their deep yellow colors are so pretty.. It's a fun treat when they encourage their little ones to come to the feeders..

I enjoyed a family of them temporally, I think they would have stayed longer had they not been bullied by the sparrows!

I think I should try the Mesh feeder the next time around instead of the sock.. perhaps it will not be as easy for the sparrows to attack with such greed!

#FeedtheBirds said...

I hang my finch feeders away from my other feeders, usually in a tree. The goldfinches like to filter down gradually to settle on a feeder.

Once there, they are feisty and don't give up their position on the feeder without a fight.

I also use straight Nyjer thistle which isn't a sparrow favorite. But I don't hear them complaining because there is plenty to choose from in my yard.

However, I have noticed the chickadees have been on my finch feeder more than ever before. Maybe because we have more chickadees this year (yeah!). The goldfinches don't seem to mind them. Who doesn't like a chickadee. They just bop in an open space take a couple seeds and bop out with a "Chicka dee dee" thank you.

Thanks for your comments, Sarah