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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Keep Your Eyes Open for Migrating Warblers

I know it seems early, but now is the time that a lot of Michigan warblers begin migrating.

Tennessee WarblerImage by Dan Irizarry via Flickr

The Tennessee Warbler nests in Upper Peninsula and Canada, but migrates through mid-Michigan from mid-August to October on its way south. They like to winter in open second growth forests and agricultural habitats, like shade grown coffee plantations in Mexico to Venezuela.

Tennesse Warblers have muted olive/yellow upper feathers, yellow eyebrows and dark eyestripes, and all pale yellow under feathers except for white under tail coverts. But their voice is very loud and difficult to miss. Alexander Wilson named the bird after spotting it along the Cumberland River in Tennessee but it was discovered later it only passes through that state during migration.

The birds eat a lot of bugs and berries and at your feeder might enjoy suet and fruit. For more in-depth information on this mysterious bird click HERE to visit the Migratory Bird Center Website.
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