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Sunday, August 15, 2010

What is the Heaviest Hummingbird?

Giant Hummingbird - Patagona gigas peruvianaImage by Fabrice Schmitt via FlickrThe world's heaviest hummingbird is the South American Giant Hummingbird (Patagona gigas). Its size makes it unmistakable.
It weighs an astounding 18-20 g and is 8 1/2 inches long. The bird's upperparts are dark green with a white rump and its underparts are brownish on the male and grayish on the female.
Giant Hummingbird (Patagona gigas) 9Image by Yogurt75 via FlickrGiant Hummingbirds have dull plumage compared to many other varieties but can still fly and access trumpet-like blossoms with its long bill.
They are native to the western South America and in the Andes, specifically, ranging from Ecuador to as far south as northwestern Argentina.
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