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Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy October: Nesting Season is Ending for the Goldfinches

I still hear a few baby goldfinches at the tops of trees. Nesting season for the goldfinches is near the end. Most of the goldfinches have put on their brown winter coats to prepare for winter.

But don't stop feeding them! They stay year round in Michigan and sing and flutter fly. They are one of my favorite birds to watch in the winter.

They like the Nyjer Thistle feeders but goldfinches eat a variety of seeds. Sunflower and Nyjer thistle are two of their favorites, but it has to be fresh.

The photo on the right shows my favorite mesh finch feeder with nyjer and the video below shows them on the Squirrel Buster Plus chowing down on No-Mess, a Wild Birds Unlimited blend with lots of sunflower hearts.

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