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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Unique Gifts for You and the Birds

Do you have the edible birdseed houses? ~ Bob
Are you going to get more of the giant pinecones dipped in birdseed? ~ Ann
Have the WBU seed wreaths come in yet? I’d like to buy several. ~ Dorthea

If you come into the Wild Birds Unlimited - East Lansing, MI store you will see a lot of new items that will decorate your yard or make great gifts.

Bob- We have functional bird houses that are decorated with a mixture of fresh bird seed and dried flowers. Birds will flock to the sides to eat during the winter and a bird couple can use the cedar house for nesting in the spring.

Ann- Come in quick if you are planning on buying pinecones. I’ve ordered the same number of seed pinecones that I sold last year. I’m sorry but once their gone, their gone. They’re selling fast.

Dorthea- The seed wreaths have arrived and you’re in luck because they are on sale! When you buy 2 you get 1 free. So you can keep one and give away the other two.

These make perfect gifts for the hosts of all the parties you get invited to in November and December. Our pecan packed WBU Seed Wreath is a dining delight for birds, and it can add festive cheer to any yard. Use it as a decoration, or hang it near your existing feeders that are busier than ever these days. The wreaths are made out of the best seed to attract all the colorful songbirds to your yard.

Everybody- We also have a lot of pre-wrapped gifts at various price points. I like the seed balls and seed bells (~ $5-$10). The Seed Snowman is also unique and the Seed Angels are adorable this year (~ $15).

If you have an extra minute browse the store and look at all the wonderful new stuff that is appearing on our shelves. I just unpacked a shipment of gorgeous wind chimes.

Thank you for all your questions about the products at our Wild Birds Unlimited stores. I hope to see you soon!

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