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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How to Attract Cardinals

The Northern Cardinal is often the first bird to visit a feeder in the morning and the last to stop by and grab a bite at night. Recognized easily by the male’s bright red plumage, the cardinal has expanded its range greatly since the days of John James Audubon. Back then the bird was known only as a southern bird. Today, it has a wide range throughout the East, most of Michigan as well as southern Canada.

Cardinals prefer to feed on the ground so if you can "raise the ground" by feeding cardinals on tray feeders, hopper feeders or any feeder that gives them a comfortable feeding position they'll be happy. Their favorite food is oil sunflower, nuts, safflower and fruit. This makes the Cranberry Seed cylinder on a WBU Dinner Bell feeder very successful. It covers all their needs.

Because many times they will choose the seed that’s easiest to eat, the WBU No-mess blend bird seed in a Squirrel Buster Plus bird feeder with a cardinal perch ring will also entice the birds to your yard.

The bright red plumage of the Northern Cardinals is a magnificent sight against the snowy backdrop in winter. So put out a feeder now to enjoy the beauty. Cardinals that live in mid-Michigan and further south stay year round and gather in larger numbers until spring.

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