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Monday, December 20, 2010

Last Minute Gifts for Birdwatchers

Sarah, you’ve never steered me wrong. You know my husband is a bird fanatic and I want you to recommend something I can buy that every birdwatcher wants. I want something that you would use. ~N

That’s a tough question. Wild Birds Unlimited - East Lansing, MI store is loaded with fabulous items for birdwatchers and nature lovers. Maybe I can narrow it down to our top 10 best sellers in December.

Top 10 Gifts in no particular order:

1. Gift Cards – This is a no-brainer. WBU gift cards are good at all Wild Birds Unlimited stores and allow your loved ones to buy whatever they want.

2. Brome Squirrel Buster Plus Feeder – This is our best selling squirrel proof feeder. I’ve had this feeder for years and absolutely love it. It’s easy to clean and fill, attracts a variety of birds, is squirrel proof, and has a lifetime guarantee.

3. Seed Cylinder Feeder – I just bought this feeder a couple years ago and am very happy with the birds that are attracted to the cylinders. I actually have two cylinder feeders now and would recommend this to anyone that wants something a little unique.

4. Recycled Classic Hopper Feeder – This is a great feeder for all birds. The recycled hoppers are all lifetime guaranteed but I don’t know if you’ll ever have to worry about that. The recycled plastic is so sturdy and easy to clean, you'll love it.

5. Advanced Pole System Bird Feeder Set-up – So many people complain about having several crooked or tipping Shepard's hooks around the yard. With the Wild Birds Unlimited unique pole system you can build the ultimate bird feeding station that has a stabilizer to keep your poles straight. The box set ups give the basic parts and make a great gift and then you can always add more pieces to make the set up to suit your needs.

6. Bird Houses or Roosting Pockets –Birds use these man made shelters in the winter to get out of the snows and wind. I like to watch them in the morning when one pops out, then another, and another. Several birds go in the shelters each night and in the morning it’s like watching clowns coming out of a car at the circus. How many fit in there?

7. Heated Bird Bath – Boy we’ve had a hard time keeping these on the floor this year. The heated bird baths are a convenient way to offer birds that much needed water in the winter. You do the birds a big favor when you provide fresh water.

8. Mesh Finch Feeder – My absolute favorite feeder. The finches flock to the mesh feeders year round in mid-Michigan. I started with one when they first came out a few years ago and now, let me count, I’m up to 5 feeders. Love, love, love them!

9. Peanut Wreaths – These are “fill when you want to watch them” feeders. Right before we have company over, I fill these feeders and people are always amazed at the flurry of activity the Blue Jays and woodpeckers display as they squabble over the peanuts.

10. Birdie Bells – Right now I only have three of these feeders. I have them hanging right outside the windows. Woodpeckers, titmice, chickadees, and every other seed and bug eating bird take turns at these feeders. It’s an easy convenient feeder that makes a great gift for someone that has everything.

Thank you for making that list for me. You jogged my memory. He did wonder if we should get a heater for our bird bath but I think the “heated” bird bath sounds easier. See you soon. ~N

That's great! I'm glad I could help. I forgot to mention books. We have a nice selection of books. Right now the most popular are our Birds of Michigan books and the Backyard Birdsong Guide.

And suet feeders too. Lots of birds are looking for the high fat suet offers and there is always room for a suet feeder. The list can go on and on so I  better stop here.
Talk to you later, Sarah


Joy K. said...

Great ideas! Does the heated bird bath attach to a railing?

Wild Birds Unlimited Mid-Michigan said...

Yes, the bath has a durable mount that attaches to deck rails. The unique design tilts easily for cleaning or removal of the bath.

The bowl also has a unique design. There is an easy grip edge, textured bowl surface, and gradual sloping sides for safe bathing.

Thanks for the comment,