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Friday, December 31, 2010

Where Bluebirds go in the Winter

My husband saw a blue robin-sized bird at the feeder. Do you know what it was? Karen ~ Bath, MI

I believe you saw an Eastern Bluebird. They can stay in mid-Michigan year round. Bluebirds usually gather in the woods after their nesting season is done. There they forage for fruits, nuts, and berries from shrubs, trees, and vines. Some of those include dogwood, hawthorn, mountain ash, sumac, holly, bittersweet, pokeweed, grape, and honeysuckle fruits.

Flocks can be as large as 100 but typically range from 5 to 20 birds in mid-Michigan. Winter flocks forage for food together and wander about exploring possible roosting sites like bluebird houses or roosting pockets.
Eastern Bluebird on a cold December day.Image via Wikipedia

I didn't know that. Thank you for responding so quickly. My husband is becoming fascinated with the birds that are visiting the feeder.

I'm glad I could help. Feel free to write again any time.
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