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Friday, January 14, 2011

Feed and Care for a Plastic Pink Flamingo

I've been Flocked!

Every year our family secretly pass the plastic pink flamingo in the month of December. Whoever has the bird in their yard January 1st has to keep it there for the rest of the year. This year we went away on vacation and came home to see this.

Since my brother David completely ruined last years bird (something about a leaf blower accident) I'm writing the expert for the care of my bird for the next few months.  Roberta~Ionia, MI

I'm happy the flamingo found a good home this year. Pink plastic flamingos thrive on people pointing. So the best place to keep you bird happy is in the middle of the front yard. In the spring you might want to purchase a mate. I have one waiting for you at the East Lansing Wild Birds Unlimited store.

Most important, build a rock garden or boundry around your bird so there are no more leaf blower or lawn mower accidents! Thank you for the photo. It makes a funny Friday Photo.

The plastic Pink Flamingo was designed in 1957 by Donald Featherstone. Fresh out of art school he went to work at Union Products. His first assignments were to create a young girl carrying a water can and another of a small boy with his pet dog. But nobody knew that his superiors request for a flamingo would win him the Ig Nobel Art Prize in 1996 and a place in the history books.

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