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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Do I need to clean my bird feeder?

Imagine you're going out to your favorite restaurant. When you first went there the it was brand new and clean. Now you go in and they give you a water glass that's dirty, and when you peek into the kitchen you see the chef cut up a moldy tomato for a salad.

Hopefully you've notice the change in the place before you've actually eaten something to make you sick. You realize they're not maintaining the place and walk out and never come back. Now imagine your regular birds coming to their favorite feeding station and see a filthy feeder. When was the last time you’ve cleaned it? You don't want to make your birds sick.
It can be detrimental to the birds if you don’t clean your feeders regularly. In order to keep healthy birds at your feeders, consider the following:

1. Feeders should be cleaned at least once a month, year round. Wild Birds Unlimited - East Lansing - will clean your feeder for $5.00. Or you can purchase professional cleaners like Scoot or Poop-Off at Wild Birds Unlimited, or use a mild one part vinegar to nine parts water solution to clean all of your feeders. Disassemble feeders and immerse them completely for three minutes. Scrub with brushes (we have these too), rinse thoroughly, and let air dry. 
2. Check your feeders after a rain and snow to make sure the seed is dry. If not, replace it.
3. Store seed in a cool dry location. Wild Birds Unlimited has closed steel containers that work well to protect seed from unwanted seed thieves or bad weather. 
4. When choosing a new feeder look for something easy to clean and fill.
.If you keep these measures in mind, you can keep this hobby enjoyable for your family and safe for your birds. Bon appetite!

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