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Thursday, March 24, 2011

What do you feed robins?

An american robin (Turdus migratorius), taken ...Image via Wikipedia
I’m so worried about the robins in this cold weather. What can I feed them in this freezing ice storm? - Utica, Michigan
The America Robin (Turdus migratorius) is a very hardy bird capable of surviving temperatures well below zero. If you look at the range map you’ll see that there are winter populations of Robins in most states year round.

In the spring, robins usually leave their large nomadic winter groups and stake out a nesting territory. Their diet changes from mostly fruit, nuts and berries to worms and insects. During cold snaps I’ve seen them devouring our crab apples, Mountain Ash tree berries, and sometimes they venture under my feeders looking for nuts. They also appreciate open water.

You can feed robins chopped apples, suet, mealworms, or nuts on a tray feeder. I actually put a Wild Birds Unlimited Supreme Fare seed block that is full of pecans out yesterday morning for my robins and you should have heard all the happy chatter!
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Dee Anne OHara said...

I have a robin family who nested above my front door.they had one chick I named Olympia in honor of one of my synchronized swimmers Bill May who hopes to be one of the first men to swim in the Olympics 2020 in Mixed-Duets.
I have been very respectful, hardly using the front door,and getting photos with my zoom from the garage,i did get one today as Olypia has full wings and i know she will fly soon!

i pt water out, as it has been hot.I have no trees,what can i put up,and what can i get to feed and get them to stay and come to me?
Thanks Dee O'Hara you can see my pics Dee Anne O'Hara