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Thursday, March 31, 2011

What is No-Mess Bird Seed?

My landscaper told me about your website. He says he uses a “NO MESS” bird seed from Wild Birds Unlimited and after he cleans up our yard, I should use it too. Can you tell me more about this? Do you sell this at your store? ~ Grand Rapids, Michigan

Well thank your landscaper very much for the recommendation. Wild Birds Unlimited No-Mess Blend bird seed is our #1 selling blend.

Our unique No-Mess Blend features seeds that have had their shells removed so only the meat of the seed is left. No hulls on the seeds make for a tidier feeding area, since there's no debris on the ground to clean up. Pound for pound, our No-Mess Blend offers the best value because you do not pay for the shells. The birds eat everything.

For the East Lansing  Wild Birds Unlimited store, customers’ preference by far is WBU No-Mess Blend.

Thank you for your prompt answer. We’re getting some major landscaping done right now. As soon as the yard is cleaned up I’ll stop by. I love the birds and this seed blend sounds ideal!

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