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Thursday, May 5, 2011

What seed is best for attracting the colorful birds?

I’ve heard this question several times over the last few weeks. People want to know if we sell some magic seed to draw in the brightest colored birds.

Wild Birds Unlimited No-mess Blend is our best selling blend. You wouldn’t believe the number of birds our special mid-Michigan formula draws in for up-close viewing. For more info on our unique No-Mess Blend bird seed which features seeds that have had their shells removed so only the meat of the seed is left, click HERE.

Now along with these “colorful birds”, the duller colored female birds as well as the birds people love to hate, the blackbirds and starlings are also attracted to our best blend. So there really isn’t a seed just for the prettiest birds.

Wild Birds Unlimited also sells straight safflower seed. Safflower is a small, white seed that is high in protein and fat. The shape of the shell and the bitter taste makes this seed unattractive to starlings, blackbirds, and squirrels. It is not as popular as No-Mess but will attract popular backyard birds including Cardinals, Chickadees, Blue Jays, House Finches, Mourning Doves, Red-bellied Woodpeckers, Tufted Titmice, and Nuthatches.

You can also feed Nyjer® (thistle) bird seed and attract mainly goldfinches or “yellow birds”. I love the happy, warm, song of the American Goldfinch and the huge flocks of finches that flutter down from the tops of trees as they take their turn at the feeder. But in our area Nyjer® generally attracts only the bright yellow male goldfinch and the duller olive green/brown female.

Whatever seed you choose we guarantee it will be fresh. If you are over by the Wild Birds Unlimited in East Lansing, MI Tuesday morning you can help me load in a couple tons of seed or I can help you carry it out to your car.

Keep your questions coming. If you’re wondering about something, chances are several other people are wondering too.

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