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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bird Egg Identification

I live in Rosendale, WI, which is the east-central part, between Big Green Lake and Lake Winnebago.  I'm on the edge of town with farmland around.  My neighbor found an egg shell under his apple tree but couldn't spot any nest.  The shell is fairly small, about the size of a chipping sparrow egg.  It is a rosy, light tan color with tiny brown specks.  According to my Audubon book, it sounds like a marsh wren egg, but I've never seen them here, nor do we live close to any "marshy" area.  Any idea on what it may be?  Do you need more info? Thanks, Lori

House Wren Nest
I'm not sure. It could be a variety of different birds. Some off the top of my head are House Wren, Song Sparrow or lots of other sparrows. Let me know if this website is helpful: http://www.royalalbertamuseum.ca/vexhibit/eggs/vexalta/exmen5.htm Good luck, Sarah

Thank you for getting back to me so fast! I checked the website you gave me and along with your suggestions, I'm now pretty sure it's the shell from a House Wren. My Audubon book said House Wren eggs are white, so I skipped over it. The picture on the website looks just like it. Thank you so much! Lori

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