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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cardinal Bird Feeders Made in the USA

Do "they" make cardinal feeders the birds will use but not put 95% of the seeds (black oil sunflower) on the ground?  I attached a screen to the bottom of my feeder and now only the little birds visit - and of course empty the feeder onto the screen looking for small seeds. ~ Jon

Birds look for the very best seeds. First, fresh and heavy seeds full of oil are chosen over the dried up older seeds. Blue Jays and other birds will shuffle through the seeds until they find what they are looking for. They'll pick a seed up in their bill to test the weight. If it's not heavy enough they'll pick up another to compare the weight of the seeds. It's not worth their while to eat or cache seeds that are dried out or bad. Wild Birds Unlimited has fresh seed delivered every week.

And we also have feeders that deter seed flicking. The Hopper and Fly-thru feeders are the easiest for the birds to flick seeds from. The tube feeders are the hardest for them to toss seed around. The Droll Yankees Whipper is built so the cardinals can sit and eat comfortably but the small feeding ports limit seed scatter. Wild Birds Unlimited also has the QuickClean Big Tube with feeding ports large enough for a cardinal but with a special non-scatter bar built-in. You can also add a tray to this feeder.

Or you could go the seed block route. Our large seed cakes and seed cylinders are made from high quality, high fat seeds and stuck together with gelatin. The birds can't scatter the seed because it's pack so tight together. It lasts a long time too.

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Thank you for your (amazingly) quick reply!

We have a tube feeder for the finches which works very well; the "Big Tube" sounds like it is worth a look.  One thing we pretty much insist upon is is the item be US made so as you might well guess, our options have been somewhat... if not limited, perhaps hidden amongst the chaff.  I had forgotten about your Coolidge Road location and looking forward to visiting. ~ Jon

All the feeders mentioned above and most of Wild Birds Unlimited feeders in the East Lansing store is made in the USA and have a lifetime guarantee. We can definitely help you in that area. Hope to see you soon. ~ Sarah
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