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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Why do birds crash into cars?

Hi, I live in RI, so it is summer here. I think my question is in regards to just plain sparrows. I was recently in the car with my daughter when a small flock of sparrows flew overhead and one hit the corner of her moving car in traffic. I am 67 yo and was stunned by this. I had never seen this happen or heard of this happening and said this to her. She was not surprised by this, she said this had happened to her a couple of times. I continued to talk about it for another 10 minutes or so, since I was so shocked, the bird seemed to come right at us. The reason for this note is that she sent me a text today stating that another bird did the same thing to her today. I need to know why this happens. I am trying to find an answer and thought perhaps you could help an old lady who is very perplexed. Thank you for your time in this matter.

There are lots of baby birds out there right now. They don't know automatically what cars are or how fast they move. You should always drive very carefully, but more so right now. Half the birds born this summer won't survive a year because of humans.

•98 million to 980 million fatal collisions with buildings and windows
•130 million to more than one billion fatal collisions with high-tension lines
•60 million to 80 million deaths caused by automobiles
•4 million to 50 million fatal encounters with communications towers
•72 million birds each year are killed by toxic chemicals, including pesticides
•Domestic cats are estimated to kill hundreds of millions of birds each year
•15 million birds a year in North America are killed in managed annual waterfowl hunt kills
•20,000 to 37,000 fatal collisions with wind turbines

That's why I like to create a little bird sanctuary in my yard. I garden with native plants, put up birdhouses, and feed the birds.

Take care, Sarah

George Costanza versus the pigeons by

Source: How many birds die during migration?

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