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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Do you have strong, straight bird feeding poles?

Hello, I’m new to bird feeding. I have one feeder right now hanging on a Sheppard’s hook. Is there a better way to hang your feeders than a bunch of these hooks in the yard? ~ Jackson, MI 

Had 7 wild turkeys fly in to my yard yesterday and they bent the pole my bird feeder was on. I didn’t know turkeys could fly or that they could bend aluminum poles. Do you sell bird poles that are strong enough to hold turkeys?! ~ Webberville, Michigan

I think turkeys look like flying dogs. Thankfully the population is growing and more and more Wild Birds Unlimited customers in mid-Michigan get the chance to see Wild Turkeys.

Turkeys are omnivorous, foraging for nuts as well as various seeds, berries, roots, grasses and insects. They also occasionally consume amphibians and small reptiles like snakes. 

If you want to feed Wild Turkeys, I would recommend our Wild Birds Unlimited Wildlife Blend. It’s a nice mixture of peanuts, sunflower seed and corn. Our Choice Plus Blend also has enough tree nuts, sunflower seeds, dried cherries, and suet nuggets to satisfy any turkey as well as a wide variety of other birds. 

Wild Birds Unlimited usually recommends a good ground feeder for turkeys but we also have a pole system that won’t tip when turkeys fly in for breakfast.

Best way to hang bird feeders:

The Advanced Pole System -
Looks Great, Stays Straight!
Wild Birds Unlimited patented Advanced Pole System (APS) is comprised of interchangeable hardware pieces, that lets you add or subtract bird feeders, birdhouses and other bird feeding accessories, giving you the ability to create and customize your bird feeding station with over 3,000 combinations — it is all up to you!

How Does It Work?
It’s easy! Just insert a screwdriver into the hole at the middle of the 4-foot Base Pole and twist it into the ground using the convenient corkscrew auger connected at the bottom of the pole. Next slide the Stabilizer onto the Base Pole and push into the ground. Tests show the stabilizer holds the pole straight in up to 35 MPH wind gusts. Plus, it is lawnmower-friendly.

Get Creative!
Create your own unique setup by selecting the bird feeder, birdhouse, bird bath, or bird feeder supplies you want. The APS parts fit together easily, and no special tools are required. Birds will flock to your new APS station in no time. So, sit back and enjoy the show.

It’s Flexible!
The APS was designed to accommodate all feeders with many hanging accessories from which to choose. Suet feeder, peanut feeder, tube feeder, wooden feeder, one feeder, many feeders — the Advanced Pole System is the ultimate solution to all your birdfeeding needs.

Don’t have a yard?
Use the Advanced Pole System to create a birdfeeding station on your deck. It’s that flexible! For more information click HERE or come in to the stores and we can help you build the best bird feeding system. Now is the time to install the new system!

Thank you so much for your quick reply! This looks like so much fun to build. Do you have everything at your store?

Yes, Wild Birds Unlimited has everything you need to make a bird sanctuary in your yard. Stop by today and let us show you which poles, high-energy foods, shelters, and baths are available to help your birds brave the winter.
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