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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Red-eyed Vireo Nesting in Michigan

I took pictures of the nest and bird in August, 2011 near Mio, MI and the Ausable River area. I have not been able to identify this bird from my bird books. I would appreciate your help. Thank you, Ann Stephens

It looks like you’ve captured a nice shot of the Red-eyed Vireo. They’re the most common and widespread vireo in Michigan’s shrubby woodlands. They glean the trees for insects, especially caterpillars. They also like berries.

According to Birds of Michigan by Ted Black, they are heard more often than seen. These olive green birds with a white belly have a distinctive white eyebrow and dark stripe through their deep red eye. Their song is often described as a broken American Robin song. The male sings continuously during nesting season. Their nests are a hanging, basket-like cup nest made of grass, roots, spider silk and cocoons.

You can see them from early May to early October in Michigan. They winter in South America.

Would you mind if I posted your photos on the blog for others to enjoy? Sarah

Thank you for the information. You are most welcome to use my photos on your blog. I was totally fascinated by the nest of this bird and enjoyed watching the mother bird make trips to the nest to feed three babies. Ann Stephens
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