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Thursday, October 13, 2011

What do Dark-eyed Juncos eat?

Hi, Do Junco's like the safflower seed ? Thanks, Debbie

Juncos, like many other members of the sparrow family, eat a variety of insects and seeds mainly on the ground. What seeds they prefer can differ across the country. 

Black oil sunflower seeds, millet, safflower, peanuts and peanut butter suet are some of the most popular foods that attract juncos to tray or ground bird feeders.

You’ll also see the juncos scratching for grass seeds or insects in leaf litter and pine needles.

We usually start to see Dark-eyed Juncos in mid-Michigan towards the end of October. You’ll see them hop or walk as they move along the ground. Females tend to winter farther south away from the males who risk harsh winters farther north in order to be closer to their breeding grounds.

Dark-eyed Juncos are often called “snowbirds,” because their southern migration foretells the return of cold and snowy weather. The snowbird nickname is also attached to the junco because it describes their white belly plumage and slate-colored back, which reflects “leaden skies above, snow below”.

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1 comment:

Kim Mi said...

I had to look at this again! I love seeing the juncos out there! :) I am thinking about buying a tray to hang off my WBU pole this year since the juncos are usually looking below all the feeders I have hanging for food.