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Thursday, October 27, 2011

A window feeder is the best way to entertain indoor cats

A lot of our customers start bird feeding to entertain their indoor cats. It is a challenge to keep indoor-only animals stimulated and engaged mentally. A window feeder is one solution.

Whether you are a city or country dweller, if you have a window you can access, you can put up a window bird feeder. You can choose from several styles. Some of our best sellers right now at the Wild BirdsUnlimited East Lansing, Michigan store are the double tray buffet style and the hopper style. (In the summer the best seller is by far the Aspects HummZinger window hummingbird feeder)

Now is the best time to put up a window feeder. As we begin to close our windows in the next few weeks, the cats are going get a little stir crazy. While the sun is still shining, get outside to wash your windows and put up a window feeder (also known to our fur friends as kitty TV).

It’s a win/win situation. Your cats will benefit because they will be occupied for hours and the birds will benefit because they have a reliable source of food. You’ll also be entertained by your cats’ reactions as well as all the neat birds that come up close.

No need to worry that you’ll scare the birds away. I’ve had my face smashed against the window several times to talk to a chickadee and they never seem to mind my animated motioning behind the window.

I like to use the sunflower seeds without the shell or our no-mess blend so there are no shells below the feeder. That way the area remains tidy. But sometimes I use safflower seed if the squirrels take an interest in the feeder. Safflower seed is a seed that most squirrels will avoid.

If you’ve never fed birds before, this is a great way to start. It’s also a great gift idea if you want to give someone a hobby for the holidays.

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