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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Beat winter blues with birdsong

Can the sound of birdsong really improve our concentration? In an ambitious new study, scientists investigate whether natural bird calls can improve a person's mood, attention and even creativity.

Past studies found that bird songs make traffic noise more tolerable, make people feel more comfortable in crowds and can even mediate circadian rhythm, but few have looked at their broader impact on mental health.

Peter Brash, National Trust ecologist, said: “Birdsong is one of the most distinctive sounds from the natural world and gives us a warm glow inside when we hear it. We’re all attuned to the need to eat five fruit and vegetables a day or take a 30 minute walk. Taking the timeout to listen to five minutes of birdsong every day could be as beneficial to our well being.”

Listening to birdsong could be one of the best ways to help get us through the shortest day of the year and give us a much needed boost during the long winter months.

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CarolNH said...

The Carolina Wren that comes to my feeders in the winter, was singing its little heart out this am...There is no snow on the ground and it's fairly mild for January...Love it!!!

Wild Birds Unlimited Mid-Michigan said...

The day always seems brighter when I wake up to the birds! Thanks for commenting. Sarah