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Thursday, January 5, 2012

How to Help Keep Your Birds Warm

Keeping winter backyard birds warm is as easy as offering rich, high-energy foods and open water sources.

Suet is a great winter food. A pure fat substance, suet provides high energy when insects are more difficult to find. We have a variety of suets to choose from. The most popular one is a peanut butter suet cake which is high in protein and is tastier to the birds. Wild Birds Unlimited also has bird seed blends that are sure to keep your birds warm.

Bird food cylinders are a win-win for you and your birds. Seed Cylinders are long-lasting allowing you fewer trips to fill the feeder. The birds stay longer eating at the feeder instead of grabbing a morsel and flying quickly away to eat it elsewhere. The cylinders are packed with high-calorie nuts to provide birds with enough energy stay warm.

Water sources in winter are a wonderful way to attract a variety of birds, such as the American Robin, that don’t visit feeders normally. They provide a reliable source of water for bathing and drinking. Bathing is especially important in cold weather to keep feathers in top condition.

Available drinking water allows birds to maintain a healthy metabolism to stay warm. Use a heated bird bath or add a heater to your existing plastic, metal or stone bird bath. This will help make some water, available even on the coldest day.
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