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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Can birds predict your Valentine?

Curious about what your romantic future holds, you may want to look to the birds. Ornithomancy is an Ancient Greek practice of reading omens based on the birds. According to the ancient practice, the first bird that an unmarried person sees on Valentine’s Day can foretell their future partner’s character.

The following is a list of birds and the type of person you could end up with, supposedly, if you spot them on Valentine’s Day:

- Cardinal = Romantic person
- Chickadee = intelligent, long-term thinker
- Nuthatch = A scientist or mathematician
- Finch = A very sociable person
- Robin = A person in uniform 
- Turkey = Environmentalist
- Bird of prey = A politician
- Bluebird = Someone who makes people smile
- Pigeon = A homebody
- Wren = Likes material possession
- Blackbird = A spiritual, charitable guy
- Sparrow = A farmer
- Owl = An academic
- Hummingbird = One that travels
- Swan = A partner for life
- Duck = A homely but stable person
- Kingfisher = Has inherited wealth
- Goose = Someone who works in communications
- Dove = A happy marriage
- Woodpecker = No marriage
- Crow = No relationship

Finally if the big question is popped and you are contemplating what to say, sit outside and wait for a little birdy. If one flies past you on your left, the answer is "no" and you may want to change your plans. If a bird flies past you on your right the answer is "yes" and all will be well.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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