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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Can I feed suet year-round?

The woodpeckers are coming to the feeders like crazy right now!!! How long do you think we’ll be feeding suet? Shirley

Commercially prepared suet cakes are safe for year round feeding. If it is hung out in the sun, use a suet with a high melting point or a seed cake available at Wild Birds Unlimited.

Besides the usual woodpeckers, nuthatches and chickadees, during the spring and summer you may even attract orioles, warblers and more with suet.

You can feed suet year round?

Baby Woodpecker at FeederImage by likeaduck via Flickr
Baby woodpecker at feeder.
Yes I love to watch the woodpeckers. Right now their natural sources of food are scarce and they appreciate feeders. Then after the first rains and warmer weather rolls in to Michigan the activity at the feeder decreases as the bug population increases. But they soon return with little bundles of joy.

The reason I feed suet in the summer is to watch as harried parent birds bring their babies up close and try to convince them to feed themselves.

I’ve never done that. Thank you for your response. I’ve leaned so much :-))

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Anonymous said...

I hesitated to put suet out in the summer, but the cakes from the store would be great. Thanks.