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Thursday, May 10, 2012

HummZinger® HighView™ feeder allows hummingbirds to perch comfortably

What do you mean when you say high perch hummingbird feeder? ~ Lansing

Thank you for asking. For anyone that has a question about anything I talk about feel free to write in so I can clarify.

HighView™ perch also comes on the window design
When I talk about the high perch hummingbird feeder I'm talking about the new design of the HummZinger® HighView™ feeder. The perch is raised higher than the classic design to invite hummingbirds to stay longer. The raised perch allows hummingbirds to drink more comfortably from any of the four feeding ports while also offering you an unobstructed view of the birds. 

The bright red cover will attract hummingbirds' attention from a distance and is removed easily so the bowl can be cleaned quickly and thoroughly. 

When you look for a hummingbird feeder the first thing to look for is one that is easy to clean and easy to fill. The nectar needs to be changed at least once a week in the spring and probably twice a week during the summer when the weather warms. You don't want the nectar to spoil. 

When you fill the built-in ant moat in the center of the feeder with water it blocks crawling insects from reaching the nectar. The feeder also supports the patented Nectar-Guard® tips to prevent bees, wasps, and other flying insects from feeding at the ports. These two patented features combine to make the HummZinger® HighView™ one the most insect-proof hummingbird feeders on the market. 

Top features of the HummZinger® HighView™ feeder:
• 4 feeding ports with integrated raised flower design on cover to divert rain 
HighView™  wrap around perch invites hum'birds to rest comfortably
• Built-in ant moat in the center of feeder means no ants in the nectar
• Easy to fill and clean
• Drip and leak proof
• 12 oz. capacity
Polycarbonate construction backed with a Lifetime Guarantee
Manufactured in the USA to ensure continued quality

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