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Friday, July 13, 2012

Mana shares her poem

My Garden of Peace

The warmth of the sun hugs me lightly
as the water glimmers!
The wind sways left and right
as the birds sing a sweet melody.
Water calmly flows down a curvy stream.
I am enchanted as butterflies flutter by.
The sky is as clear as a crystal with no clouds in sight
And only a rainbow shooting out of the blue.
Soon the sun fades and the sky fills with colors
Of red, orange, and purple
As I say goodnight to my Garden of Peace!
by Athena Kaimana Zarka age 11


Anonymous said...

Beautiful ! What a gift. Thanks.

Dennis Keefe said...

Keep it up!!! I suspect there are many more from where that came. Mother Nature, a great muse. I hope you will post some more. Dennis Keefe

Anonymous said...

You are an artist with words. Love it.