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Friday, April 26, 2013

Photo Share: Owl, Eagle, Duck, and Fox

Sarah, Well here is a barred owl that hung out at the feeder during the day for about a week.  The little guys, like the black caps, didn't care he was there but the jays and doves stayed away.  He was after the mice that were there.  The red squirrels ran through the trees behind him knowing they were safe in the trees but they stayed off the ground.
This eagle hung around one day.  He tried to catch a fish in the river and missed and then came back up and sat in a tree for a few minutes.  They are majestic birds. We have a Carrin Terrier and we've been buzzed by eagles when we are out walking.  They come down to tree top level to see if she might make a good meal.
This wood duck hung at the feeder for a few days.
I love the last photo he was the boss of the litter of 4 he was not afraid and allowed me to sit nearby and take his picture.  Unfortunately there was a fire across the road two summers ago burning 900 acres and momma fox hasn't been back to use the den again.

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