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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

How to get hummingbirds to a new feeder

The hummingbirds are always fighting over their feeder, so when I received another hummingbird feeder as a gift I was thrilled! But the birds are still fighting over the old feeder and avoiding the new feeder. ~ East Lansing, MI

Hummingbirds can be very feisty and aggressive when defending their food sources. Multiple feeders, spread throughout your yard is a great way to encourage more hummingbirds to visit and keep the peace in your yard.

But getting them to accept a new feeder can take time. Most birds will continue to hang out at their favorite restaurant even when a new one appears next door. To encourage the use of another feeder first switch the location of the old and new feeders. They may just be in a habit of going to that location. If that doesn’t work take down the old feeder until they use the new feeder, then put up both feeders again.

Hummingbirds find feeders by sight so hang the feeder where they will be able to see it as they fly over your yard. Also a new feeder may be found sooner if hung near a flower garden or hanging flower basket.

Hummingbirds feed from the flowers low on the ground and from high up in the tops of flowering trees or climbing vines. But if there are two feeders close together they will usually go to the feeder that is hanging higher and gives a better view.

Also make sure your nectar is fresh and the correct one part white sugar to four parts water solution. In hot weather you should clean your feeder at least twice a week even if there are no hummingbirds feeding. If a hummingbird comes by to check out your new feeder and finds it filled with spoiled food, they won’t return anytime soon.

In Michigan you can hang hummingbird feeders out from mid-April to the end of October. Migrating birds follow their own schedule, usually based on the weather. And these end of the summer months are the best viewing times as birds start their pre-migratory wandering.

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