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Thursday, July 11, 2013

No-mess Blend vs. Safflower Seed

Is no-mess blend better than safflower seed? ~ East Lansing

At the Wild Birds Unlimited East Lansing store, No-mess Blend is our number one selling seed blend by far. Personally it is the only blend I use and it is the first blend I recommend to everyone that comes into the store.

The first ingredient is Sunflower seed without the shell. That’s the favorite of most seed eating birds like cardinals, grosbeaks, and finches. The second ingredient is peanut pieces. Peanuts attract all the bug eating birds like chickadees, woodpeckers, wrens and jays. And then there’s a little millet without the hull thrown in to attract all the ground feeding birds like the juncos, sparrows, and doves. 

As a result, No-mess blend will attract all the feeder birds and leave no shells on the ground or grow any weeds. And 20 pounds of No-mess blend is like buying 40 pounds of any other blend because you are not paying for shells that would just fall to the ground. Pound for pound it’s the best value.

Safflower seed is a good seed too. People that choose safflower usually do so to deter blackbirds, starlings and squirrels. Safflower is a bitter seed that most mammals will avoid and the shape of the shell makes it hard for the blackbirds to crack.

If squirrels drive you nuts or blackbirds and starlings crowd your feeder, you might try the safflower solution.

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